Place of Hope Ministry International also known as Hope to the Hopeless is an end time Deliverance and Prophetic ministry. Our mission is to spread abroad the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, to proclaim liberty to the captives. Demonstrating the power of God in the end time to all nations.To give hope to the hopeless through Jesus Christ Colossians 1:27 WHAT WE BELIEVE IN Power and Authority: We believe that all Authority is in the Jesus’ and He has given us this authority to provide solutions to people’s problems in His name.To give hope where there is no hope. Eternal Life: We believe in the only True God and that in him is all the Wisdom of this age and the ages to come. Sins have been forgiven and Jesus lives for ever and ever. The Power of God’s word: That God came in the flesh and was the man Jesus, grew among us and experienced all our pains. Therefore, He is willing to give us healing. The importance of the Cross: How that Jesus died and rose, and his blood paid the price for our us salvation. We know that by his strips we were healed